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Tips on meeting minutes
February 23, 2024

What should I do if the leader talks very fast and the recording speed cannot keep up with the speed of the leader’s speech?

You need to master the following shorthand skills!

1. Write quickly and remember quickly.

The characters should be smaller and lighter, and more connected characters should be written. Follow the natural direction of your elbows and hands and write at an angle.


2. Select the important points and remember them.

Record solutions to issues related to meeting topics, record controversial issues, concluding opinions, and decisions; record key points, arguments, and conclusions in the speeches of important people; record the central words in a sentence.

3. Use the omission method correctly.

How to take meeting minutes
February 22, 2024

I have a friend, let’s call her Amy, who is a newbie in the workplace who has just entered an administrative position. Two days ago, she said this to me:
Not long after she joined the company, the company held a discussion meeting. After the meeting, the leader told Amy, please sort out the meeting minutes.
In order to leave a good impression on the leader, Amy worked hard and typed on the computer for most of the night, sorted out 10,000 words and sent it to the leader.

10 effective study habits that college students should develop!
February 21, 2024

In college, in many cases, you learn on your own initiative. Then, it becomes particularly important to develop good study habits. Today, let’s take a look at what habits everyone should develop?

1. The habit of scientifically arranging time

Activities such as study, labor, entertainment, exercise, communication, etc. must be arranged scientifically. Make an activity plan.

Arrange study time: including daily stage arrangements, weekly larger activity arrangements, examination review and special arrangements for weekends, winter and summer vacations, etc.

Learn and play when you should, learn proactively without supervision from others when you should study, and do activities happily when you should do activities.

2. The habit of previewing before class

A great voice-to-text tool that really saves time and effort!
February 20, 2024

During work and study, we always encounter the need to convert speech to text, such as assigning a large number of tasks in work meetings, focusing on the last class at the end of the semester, and speaking too fast to record, so we can only record.

But it was easy to record and terrible to listen to. We are always afraid of missing important parts. A recording of more than half an hour can only be listened to from beginning to end, which is really time-consuming!


So, today we will introduce an online voice-to-text software!

5 AI office tools to double your efficiency
February 5, 2024

In 2023, with the popularity of artificial intelligence tools such as ChatGPT, hundreds of AI office tools emerged on the market. This article has personally tested a variety of artificial intelligence application software and compiled 5 high-quality and practical AI efficiency artifacts. Come and check them out! The article is from a translation, I hope it can be enlightening to you.

The launch of ChatGPT set off a craze for generative artificial intelligence (AI). With the development of AI technology, generative artificial intelligence has already penetrated into all aspects of human life.

ChatGPT and similar artificial intelligence tools may not replace humans, but AI can simplify your work. It can help us complete tasks faster and more efficiently, thereby improving work efficiency, saving a lot of time, and giving us more time to do the things you like.

Compare Google's speech to text service vs Bluebee
January 16, 2024

Google’s Speech to text service is not free! Yes, it offer 60 minutes per month for free. but when you transcribe more than 60 minute in a month. It charges $0.024 per minute, which is not a low price. I would like to recommand

Is there a way to extract the subtitles in YouTube?
January 16, 2024

Text is a much more efficient media for human beings. Some times we see a good video in Youtube, and we want to extract subtitle of the video.   Here is a  solution for those who want the subtitles. It is simple ,and works in almost all situations.

Step 1 :Open below URL in browser.

Step 2:

Paste the video URL. Choose the target language. Click “Transcribe Now”.


Wait transcription finishing, Export .srt  .txt or .pdf file.


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