February 5, 2024

5 AI office tools to double your efficiency

author: Eric

In 2023, with the popularity of artificial intelligence tools such as ChatGPT, hundreds of AI office tools emerged on the market. This article has personally tested a variety of artificial intelligence application software and compiled 5 high-quality and practical AI efficiency artifacts. Come and check them out! The article is from a translation, I hope it can be enlightening to you.

The launch of ChatGPT set off a craze for generative artificial intelligence (AI). With the development of AI technology, generative artificial intelligence has already penetrated into all aspects of human life.

ChatGPT and similar artificial intelligence tools may not replace humans, but AI can simplify your work. It can help us complete tasks faster and more efficiently, thereby improving work efficiency, saving a lot of time, and giving us more time to do the things you like.

I've been covering and testing AI tools  for a long time, even before ChatGPT took off. Among the hundreds of AI productivity tools released at home and abroad, after continuous testing and use, I have selected 5 practical and convenient office artifacts. I hope they can help everyone improve productivity and simplify heavy work tasks.

Interestingly, only one of them is an AI chatbot.

1. Bing Chat

Let’s start with the hottest AI tool – AI chatbots. I’ve tested most AI chatbots on the market, and Bing Chat (an AI chatbot developed by Microsoft) remains my favorite.

Bing Chat has powerful natural language processing capabilities that can handle a variety of tasks, including artificial intelligence-generated images and searching for information. It can have intelligent conversations with users and provide them with suggestions.


I ask about it when I don't know what to have for dinner or where to go on a date.

Bing chat has a wide range of uses, such as helping users quickly proofread grammar and correct wrong words before sending messages; for example, it can recommend routes, weather, hotels, flights, food, attractions and other information based on the location entered by the user; for example, it can use text and pictures to , videos and other forms to answer different types of questions raised by users; such as helping users create content, write a poem, create a piece of code, etc.

Now when I have any questions, I never go to Google again because I have to sift through hundreds of search results to find the answer I want.

Instead, I use Bing Chat, which provides conversational answers to questions posed. If I want to know more about this topic, I just click on the citation to view it.

2. Canva Pro

Canva is an online graphic design tool that supports multiple platforms and can support users to generate pictures, presentations, posters, business cards, resumes, etc.

In my opinion, if you have any visual content creation needs, Canva Pro is a better choice than traditional AI image generators such as DALL-E 2 or Midjourney.

If you need to create visual content every day, such as social media posts, invitations, flyers, or presentations, then an AI image generator won't necessarily meet your needs. On the contrary, this is where Canva Pro excels.

Canva Pro has some features that stand out, including text-to-image conversion, magic editing, magic replace, magic eraser, and more. Take Magic Replacement as an example. You can replace all design elements with just one click, including new logos or graphics. The Magic Eraser can delete unnecessary content elements in pictures with one click.

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My personal favorite is its AI Background Remover. It has a "Background Remover" tool that allows you to delete the image background, change the background color, or make the image background transparent by just clicking the "Use in Design" button.

Canva Pro membership costs $120/year. But I think it's worth it because it contains a lot of great resources for photos, graphics, and image editing tools.

If you've ever converted a voice message into text, you know it's a time-consuming and tedious task.

The good news here is that artificial intelligence can free up your hands. Whether you are recording course lectures or recording interviews every day, Otter.Ai can help you transcribe text in real time, automatically record voice conversations, transcribe and generate shareable, searchable notes.

try it! You can import a recording and it will fully transcribe the conversation in minutes.

As a journalist, I have used other transcription apps in the past, but is more accurate than others.

A subscription to this tool costs $2.99 per month and includes features like unlimited imports and advanced searches. Time is money and it saves a lot of time, making it a worthwhile investment for me. allows users to transcribe for free 60 minutes per month for all conversations recorded on the platform.

4. ChatPDF

I was using this completely free tool when I was in college and it helped me get through my coursework and papers really well. But as a professional, I also use ChatPDF to handle my work.

PDF files often contain a lot of information, especially reading scientific magazines or research papers can be difficult because there is a lot of technical terminology in the article.

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This free AI chatbot scans an entire PDF file in seconds, then it answers any questions you ask and provides a detailed summary. Its intelligent question and answer function is so powerful. Whether you want to find specific content or read the entire article, it can quickly analyze and answer questions accurately. In addition, it supports multiple languages such as Chinese, English, and Japanese, and provides functions such as online editing of text, images, and format conversion.

Since using ChatPDF, it has effectively helped me solve most of the problems I encountered in study, work and life. Believe me, whether you are a student, teacher, lawyer or professional, it is one of the must-have tools and you will fall in love with ChatPDF!

5. Grammarly

Grammarly is an often-overlooked tool known for checking, proofreading, and correcting spelling, grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure issues in everyday writing. While it does an excellent job of solving the above tasks, this tool can do much more.

As generative artificial intelligence evolves, Grammarly also adds new features to simplify your daily work. It provides artificial intelligence editing functions that can provide you with writing suggestions based on personal, organizational and situational contexts, help you write emails, generate outlines, etc., and improve your writing skills. Insert Grammarly into Word to realize automatic error correction of articles; install Grammarly plug-in in Chrome browser to realize automatic text error checking function.

With GrammarlyGO (which is still in beta but is available), you can create text using Grammarly. It can help you write different forms of messages, such as LinkedIn social media platform messages or emails, depending on the context and tone.

While I primarily use GrammarlyGO to help polish my text, it has tons of features worth exploring, especially since it's free and easy to use.

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