February 23, 2024

Tips on meeting minutes

author: Administrative clerk

What should I do if the leader talks very fast and the recording speed cannot keep up with the speed of the leader’s speech?

You need to master the following shorthand skills!

1. Write quickly and remember quickly.

The characters should be smaller and lighter, and more connected characters should be written. Follow the natural direction of your elbows and hands and write at an angle.


2. Select the important points and remember them.

Record solutions to issues related to meeting topics, record controversial issues, concluding opinions, and decisions; record key points, arguments, and conclusions in the speeches of important people; record the central words in a sentence.

3. Use the omission method correctly.

Such as using abbreviations, simplified words and collective names. Omit additional elements in words and sentences.

4. Use simple writing instead of complex writing.

First, the surname can be used instead of the full name, and second, the abbreviation can be used instead of the complete word.


Some administrators may think, I am just an assistant now, and the probability of participating in meetings is very small, but when the leader sends you to take notes, he will not teach you first and then let you go into battle. Likewise, other colleagues are not obligated to teach you.


It can be said that writing business documents such as meeting minutes, business emails, work plans, and progress reports, just like using Word, Excel, and Powerpoint, has long been widely recognized as a basic skill that every administrator should know and master.


Not knowing these skills will affect your career development opportunities.

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