February 20, 2024

A great voice-to-text tool that really saves time and effort!

author: Sunny

During work and study, we always encounter the need to convert speech to text, such as assigning a large number of tasks in work meetings, focusing on the last class at the end of the semester, and speaking too fast to record, so we can only record.

But it was easy to record and terrible to listen to. We are always afraid of missing important parts. A recording of more than half an hour can only be listened to from beginning to end, which is really time-consuming!


So, today we will introduce an online voice-to-text software!

Multiple audio/video file formates are supportted. Such as mp3,m4a,wma,aac,wav,ogg,arm,flac. And 10 target languages are supportted. They are English,Franch,German,Spanish,Italian,Danish,Italy,Janpanese,Chinese,Dutch,Ukrainian,Portuguese.

The conversion speed is slightly slower. My 16-minute recording took about 3 minutes, which is earlier than the official estimate. Friends who are not in a hurry can try it.

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