February 1, 2024

5 Tools to transcribe voice to text online in 2024

author: Sunny

If you are a student who want to record professor’s lesson, or a journalist who often organize interview drafts, or an assistant who record your company’s meeting, you may need a tool to transcribe audio to text. In 2024, there are some AI softwares which can help you get text from voice easily.

All the tools below is not free, may be you can get 60 or 30 minutes for free for trying. But when you realy take use of them. they all charge monery. I can’t find a truly free tool for transcibtion. The reason may be that accurate speech recognition cost a lot of computer resource. Nevertheless, some tools below offers good price and affordable for almost everybody.

  1. supports real time transcription. It’s not just a transcribtion tool but a office tool. Note only transcribe and download, You can also edit, highlight and comment your transcript. offer some other AI tools, you can ask them do some jobs like generate summary. support English only. And charge a high fee.

2. is a simpler tool. It provide basic functions. Like transcribtion, text editing, and .txt, .srt, .pdf exporting. It support 10 languages. You can also scratch subtitles from youtube and other video website. The accuracy is as good as others.

The price in is low. About one fifth of Good for those who just want to transcribe their audio and get the text.

3. Happyscribe may be not the best in performance or price, but it provide human service, For those who need 100% accuracy, Happyscribe is a good choice.


Used by many big company. Surpoorts dozens of languages. Accuracy is as good as others. Good choice if your language is only listed in there websites.


Flixier provide many tools in media processing. You can crop video, add subtitle to video and so on. Audio to text converting is one of it’s tools. Good for those who want also video processing.


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